BBMP, Are You Listening?


This is the state of many roads in Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, the garden city, the Silicon valley of India, the city which boasts of many technology parks and what not!

While one can choose to talk about this in lighter vein (ttps://, it is not so funny when one has to travel on these roads.  Is it surprising that young people in their 20s and 30s are complaining of severe back and joint problems these days, that there are so many accidents (let’s not even talk about the total lack of traffic discipline – that’s a whole topic by itself)?  I still fail to understand what the point in enforcing helmets is when the administration does not believe in taking care of people’s spines!

Time and again the local administration does a shoddy patchwork job of filling up potholes, but one heavy rainfall and this is what we land up with.  This is a typical penny wise pound foolish approach.  What prevents them from spending money once on doing a good job?  It is not that they can’t, as is proved by the many good roads which are used to “showcase” the city such as the airport road.  One can only conclude that this is a case of corruption in awarding contracts and using cheap materials in surfacing the roads.  Obviously the more often they do this, the more money they get to pocket.


Would be useful if we could have some option to block certain posters.

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