A girl is viciously raped in Delhi and dies soon after.  The criminals are arrested.  One dies in custody – suicide or killed is a matter of debate.  Yet another gets away with a 3 year sentence on the pretext that he is a juvenile.

A photo journalist is raped in Mumbai.  The grand mother of one of the rapists pleads that her grandson is a juvenile.  So?

The question is why should these criminals get away so lightly?  The Mumbai rapist had been party to 5 rapes.  So this “juvenile” was adult enough to participate in 5 rapes.  Then why is it that he should not be given the same punishment as an adult is given?  If he is adult enough to commit an adult crime, he should be adult enough to face the consequences.  Is it not high time to stop molly coddling such criminals?


One Response to “Juvenile?”

Would be useful if we could have some option to block certain posters.

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