Excuse Us, We Are Indian!

Shashi Tharoor once tweeted:  “Arranged marriage is a funny concept:  All your life you are taught not to talk to strangers; Suddenly you are asked to sleep with one”. Why am I bringing this up today?  No, not because I want to discuss the advantages or disadvantages, pros or cons of arranged marriages or of other kinds of marriages.  In fact marriages of any kind are just not on my radar today.  I only brought it up because it came to mind when I was thinking of our Indian behaviour in general. Everyday there is a war when I watch Atelly.  The husband demands that the volume be turned down.  If I turn it down according to his wishes, I will have to crawl into the television to be able to listen to the dialogues.  But come commercial time, the volumes automatically go up by a few decibels.  It is really annoying having to turn the telly up and down all the time, especially given the frequency at which we have commercial breaks.  So I was pretty surprised today when I heard one ad where the volume was pretty low.  I looked up from my laptop (I was multitasking as usual) only to realize that it was an ad telling folks to go and get themselves tested for HIV if they have had unprotected sex in the recent past and informing them that it takes a while for the symptoms of AIDS to become evident. Now isn’t this something one would expect would need to be shouted out from the rooftops to educate people?  Why such coyness about HIV/AIDS when there is no embarassment about advertising sanitary napkins, condoms and other such stuff?  So why was this not at a higher volume? Why can’t we just be factual instead about being so hypocritical?  Don’t talk to young people of the opposite gender.  Wait for your elders to find you a partner.  When they do, just jump into the fray and get about business producing grand-kids to carry on our lineage and for the grandparents to play with.  We have the second highest population in the world, but we feel embarrassed to talk of topics like how to protect oneself from risks associated with sexual activity?  What is this if not hypocrisy?


5 Responses to “Excuse Us, We Are Indian!”

  1. Rajan Mani Says:

    Because it was so soft, you noticed it!

  2. Yes, because at other times, I have to jump to reduce the volume / mute the telly for the duration of the ad. 😀

  3. And we show umbrellas and doves to prevent ‘corrupting’ the young and allow rape scenes for titilation.

  4. Very well said IHM.

Would be useful if we could have some option to block certain posters.

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